Rifflandia 2011

B Channel brings you special coverage of the 2011 Rifflandia music festival. Included are video performances and interviews with a variety of bands such as USS, Olenka, Mother Mother, Malajube, De La Soul, City and Colour, The Besnard Lakes, Daniel Wesley, Mathew Barber and NikTex. Watch and listen to a variety of live music and hear from event organizers.
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Rifflandia: NikTex

NikTex is sexiness with barefoot appeal. Explain. The sound of lead singer Nikole Texidor is raw and sultry while the accompaniment of Colin Nealis (stand-up bass), Jake Jenne (drums), Kate Hutching (back vocals) and fellow NikTex founder Manjinder Benning (guitar) adds a spontaneity which is both refreshing and primitive. Click here to watch a performance and interview with NikTex.

Rifflandia: Olenka

Rifflandia seems to have a talent for finding amazing artists who are not found on mainstream radio stations. This was definitely the case with Olenka and the Autumn Lovers. For this tour however, Olenk was touring minus the Autum Lovers. If you would have told me that a Eastern European / Country / Folk / Pop song would have stopped me in my tracks, I would have said you were crazy, but the vocals and acoustic stylings of Olenka did just that. Click here to watch a performance and interview with Olenka.

Rifflandia: Malajube

Malajube is a French speaking group comprised of Julien Mineau on guitar and lead vocals, Francis Mineau on drums, Mathieu Cournoyer on bass, and Thomas Augustin on keyboards and vocals. The band has garnered a large following among both Francophone and Anglophone audiences. The band says that French is the way to be different; to create something that has never been done. Click here to watch a performance and interview with band members.

Rifflandia: The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes classify their music as Psychedelic Rock. Founding member Jace Lasek definitely looked the rocker part, as we interviewed him in a brightly lit hallway at the Metro before their performance. The Besnard Lakes have been a band since 2000. Their songs range from guitar led jams like the early Soundgarden years, to sixty’s pop tunes infused with the psychedelic lilt of Jefferson Airplane. Click here to watch a performance and interview with band members.

Rifflandia: USS - Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers

Heavy electronic beats and experimental sounds mixed and delivered by Human Kebab on the turntable paired with the acoustic guitar and vocals of Boo-Schultz made for a sound that had the audience at Rifflandia swaying and break-dancing. Click here to watch a performance and interview with band members.

2010 Vancouver Folk Fest

submitted by Janine Bandcroft July 26, 2010
[flashvideo file=videos/ image=aglynn_still.png /] Videography and Reporting by Shanon Miegom Video Editing by Shanon Miegom and Neal Gardner

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Interview:Adrian Glynn

Filmed June 12, 2010 at The Baltimore - Vancouver Adrian Glynn by Shanon Miegom I first saw Adrian Glynn play at Herman's, Victoria's only jazz bar, that happens to be an all ages venue as well. I went to see C.R. Avery, and just happened to stumble upon Adrian. Their are no words to describe his music, you just have to go see him play. I bought his CD and have been hooked ever since. Then I got to see him play in a church in Vancouver, amazing! Unfortunately I missed him play his last show at the Baltimore on June 12th, but I did get a chance to interview him. Adrian is in another band called The Fugitives, described as a roots/spoken word ensemble. He joined the band in 2009 and is currently doing a tour across Canada. Click HERE to check out his website & find out about tour dates. Adrian has also written a book called "Fish Skin Memories: Impressions of India and the Middle East", and was also one of 20 artists selected out of 450 applicants to be a part of The Peak Performance Project, sponsored by 100.5 Peak FM. Some musical artists he suggests we all check out are "Joe Pug" and "Circlesquare", and a Vancouver painter he has just found named Andrew Sagado, who is going to be doing some art for Adrian's new album. Click HERE to see Andrew Sagado's work.
[flashvideo file=videos/ image=amortals_still.png /] [flashvideo file=videos/ image=danceclub_still.png /] Videography by Andrew Ainsley and Neal Gardner Video Editing by Neal Gardner

"I Will Have You" & "Dance Club" by Amortals Live at the Victoria Event Center, May 19th, 2010

On May 19th 2010, Amortals released their debut album "Assume the Superposition", a haunting mix of mournful peotics and dance beats which firmly plants their first step in the dystopia of the pop underworld. The B Channel Music crew attended the release party and recorded the night's performance, along with opening act Year of the Rat. We hope you enjoy! and look forward to seeing more emerging local musicians here on B Channel Music. More Amortals and Year of the Rat coming soon.
[flashvideo file=videos/ image=mgoudge_still.png /] Videography & Video Editing by Neal Gardner B Channel Music Reporter Shannon Meigom

Interview:Michael Goudge of Amortals

B Channel Music caught up with Michael Goudge, lead singer of Amortals, at Camas Books on June 28, 2010. Michael speaks about his goals as an artist, online jamming & more.

Dirty Grace

[flashvideo file=videos/ image=mary.png /]

Live at Cafe Fantastico

December 13, 2009 at Cafe Fantastico About Dirty Grace from the band's website: Dirty Grace combine gypsy, folk, jazz, bluegrass, and hip hop into their own unique style ("jazzypsky grass-hop"). Three-part harmonies weave throughout like a silk thread. With an unusually diverse repertoire, they provide everything from sounds that soothe anxious heads, to tawdry grooves that get sweaty hips swinging and feet kicking up dust. The band formed in 2009. They've performed at festivals, clubs, and cafes in and around the Victoria area since their inception.
Three new video clips.
[hana-code-insert name='Start of article' /] [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /] Exclusive B Channel Music Videos Joey Only was one of three acts to play a November 7 fundraiser for independent media activists in Victoria and Vancouver. B Channel was there to film some of the songs. Click on this link to watch more videos of Joey Only at 'Folk Off' [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /]

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