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Watch Video Clips of Victoria City Council

One of our goals when we started B Channel News was to help the people of Victoria to be better informed of the decisions being made on their behalf by City Council. Not only that, we wanted to be able to help people understand how those decisions are made and who their elected representatives are, and thus be able to make informed decisions of their own when election time rolls around. We applaud Mayor Dean Fortin’s idea to have webcam coverage of Council proceedings, as well as an online hansard of meetings. As we’ve come to learn, it is not always possible to attend every council and committee meeting, and the minutes of each meeting only tell a fraction of the story. We eagerly await the installation of webcams in the Council Chamber, but in the meantime, it falls upon citizens and media to witness and record these meetings. B Channel News is the first and only news outlet to bring you video of City Council meetings in their entirety. We are working to provide this service for every meeting, but for now please enjoy this selection of Victoria City Council meetings. Click on the date you wish to view for a selection of video clips from that meeting.
Regular Meeting of February 11, 2010 Regular Meeting of January 28, 2010 Regular Meeting of January 14, 2010 Special Meeting of January 9, 2009 on Blue Bridge Referendum Portion of December 10, 2009 Regular Meeting: Motion Regarding Blue Bridge [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /]
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