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[hana-code-insert name='Start of article' /] Media By The People, For The People B Channel News is a not-for-profit news media collective focused on local events and issues in and around Victoria BC. B Channel News is a collaborative project between writers, editors, videographers, photographers and artists. We have come together to create a new platform for our work, and to work together on a new vision for local news media. We are committed to the production of quality, fact-based journalism that reflects as many sides of the issues as possible, in order to empower the public to make educated, informed decisions. B Channel News is also a classroom and laboratory for independent media. As we grow, we learn more about what local news media needs to be, and we seek ways to fill that need. We're not only learning what the future of journalism is, we're creating it. Look forward to an ever expanding selection of topics; articles that educate and entertain, investigative pieces that tell the side of the story that profit-driven media will not or can not, and coverage that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our community. B Channel was founded by: Andrew Ainsley Chris Johnson [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /]

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Producer Andrew Ainsley Photo Editor Pete Rockwell Videographers/Video Editors Christa Simonds Shanon Meigom Andrew Ainsley Neal Gardner Reporters/Writers Ed Sum Pete Rockwell Christa Simonds [hana-code-insert name='medium font' /] [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /]