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19th Annual Condo Group - Bastion Square Grand Prix

Click Here for photos and video of the Annual Bastion Square Grand Prix, by Pete Rockwell.

Photo Submission: A Sunday Stroll Through Fernwood

The following is a submission of a collection of photography by Victoria resident, Janine Bandcroft. View more photos here.

Thousands rally for Wild Salmon

B Channel News Photojournalist Pete Rockwell captured the final event of Alexandra Morton's 500km walk from Sointula to Victoria. View his photos here.

Anti-Olympic Protestors Take to the Streets

Photos and text by Pete Rockwell Our continuing coverage of resistance to the 2010 Winter Olympics now includes this slideshow, by B Channel News Photo Editor Pete Rockwell. Click Here to see this slideshow

Prime Minister Addresses BC Legislature

February 12, 2010 Around 200 people expressed their unhappiness with government generally and Harper (who was inside) specifically at the Legislature Building today. While a variety of causes were represented, the unifying theme was summed up by the chant: “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE”. When it became evident that the black and gray vehicles complete with men in suits with wires spiraling into their ears were decoys to cover Harper’s sneak out, voices were overheard saying “This IS what democracy look like”. -Pete Rockwell
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Requiem For A Bridge

Mayor Dean Fortin and his council have taken it upon themselves to borrow forty two million dollars to destroy the existing Johnson St Bridge and build a new one. No public input accompanied the decision to do this. As of Nov. 20, a petition is being circulated in an attempt to force a referendum on this decision. Some six thousand signatures are necessary for the referendum to happen. If you want to sign it go here: I’ve always loved the Johnson Street Bridge. The way it looks. They way it sounds. It’s connection to earlier times. I offer this audio slideshow as an homage. Hopefully it is not really a requiem Pete Rockwell [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /] [hana-code-insert name='Start of article' /] [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /]

Day of the Torch

Thousands of people lined the streets of Victoria on October 30 for the beginning of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. The 2010 Olympics, which are set to begin on February 13th, have been the focus of pride and protest throughout the region. Hundreds of media outlets from around the world are in town to cover this event. B Channel has teamed up with Victoria Indymedia, the Vancouver Media-Co-op and to bring you coverage of the days events. B Channel Photo Editor Pete Rockwell sent us this dispatch and slide show: OCT 30 2009 8AM-11:30 AM The olympic flame was brought to the Legislature Building by First Nation canoe and transferred to torch which was carried on foot. 2PM-4:30 PM Several hundred activists and supporters attended the Five Ring Circus at Centennial Square, along with 40 or so policepersons and many cameras. 4:30PM- 8:30PM The Zombie March occupied the streets of Victoria and ended up at the Legislature Building at about the time Gordon Campbell (I think) was speaking to promote the Olympics event. 9PM Wet and zombified, I went home ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big File. Be Patient. Individual jpegs available [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /] [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /] [hana-code-insert name='Start of article' /] [hana-code-insert name='xx-large font' /]Rally For Ancient Forests by Pete Rockwell, B Channel News [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /]

Hundreds March for Old Growth Forest Protection

Over 500 people braved heavy rains to join the Wilderness Committee on a march from City Hall to the Legislature on October, 17, 2009. B Channel Photojournalist Pete Rockwell was at the event and brings us his photo-poem. (slideshow with audio) [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /] [hana-code-insert name='Start of article' /] [hana-code-insert name='xx-large font' /]Legislature Re-Opens by B Channel [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /]

Legislative Assembly Welcomed Back With 21 Gun Salute, Protest

Members of Legislative Assembly were sworn in and Lieutenant Governor Steven L. Point gave the Speech from the Throne opening the First Session of the 39th Parliament of British Columbia on August 25, 2009. Victoria Police mingled with hundreds of protestors, tourists and other spectators who had assembled to watch the opening ceremonies and to express their displeasure with Gordon Campbell and his Liberal government. B Channel photojournalist Peter Rockwell was there and brings us this photo-poem (Audio enhanced slide show). [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /]