VFF '12: Introducing Sushi Typhoon's Brand of J-Horror

Sushi Typhoon is a collective group of directors, actors, producers and writers who have a different interpretation of what J-Horror is. Unlike the classics like Ju-on or Ringu, the products coming from this group is more like splatterpunk. That is, these films are often graphically violent, highly satirical and hyperactively kinetic. Click here to read more.

VFF'12: Sushi, The Global Catch and its Consequences, A Documentary Review

Overfishing can kill the stocks faster than they can naturally replenish. That point is often strategically mentioned, but is it enough to get viewers to change their habits? Click here to read more.

VFF '12: John Landis in the House with Richard Crouse: A Retrospective

Some of the information John Landis revealed is common knowledge for those who know where to look, but in what made the night special is in how candid he was in recounting the relationships he had with various rising stars over the years. Click here to read more.

VFF'12: The Whale, and a Spiritual Way of Life? A Film Documentary Review

Orcas are highly sociable, and when Luna was separated from her pod, he sought the nearest living species to anthropomorphize into. Click here to read more.

VFF'12: Taste the Waste, A Documentary Review

What Taste the Waste does is to educate, and the information comes fast. There is no clear direction in what this documentary wants to do in its structure, and the way it treats the topic is like a plant; it takes time to blossom. Click here to read more.

VFF'12: Tatsumi, A Movie Review

This movie is a biopic about Tatsumi's struggles to become an artist. It's told in parts, and if this movie was marketed differently, it should bear the subtext of "A Drifting Life: The Short Stories of Yoshihiro Tatsumi." Click here to read more.

VFF'12: The Visual Language of Herbert Matter, A Movie Review

This documentary is a very intellectual one. It provides some ideas in what the artists of the time were thinking of and it even gives a tip for people considering a career in design. Click here to read more.

VFF'12: From C to C, A Documentary Review

This film skillfully dodges any political commentary and simply looks at how secluded one particular nationality felt. Click here to read more.

VFF'12: Farts of Fury, A Movie Review

The Cormorants were considered the pioneers of Estonian Rock, but these days Keiser and his rag tag team of musicians is largely forgotten. And that makes for an interesting look at what some people must do to finally be happy when the downtrodden nears retirement. Click here to read more.

VFF'12: Lloyd the Conqueror

Gamers do not simply sit down to play a concept conceived on paper. They are the character. Lloyd the Conqueror takes a fun, whimsical, look at this subgenre. Click here to read more.

DEDFest arrives in Victoria, ZombieFeast Rebrands

No matter how hard the heroes in a horror flick try to knock down a zombie, they just keep on coming back. That also includes some real life counterparts, namely the arrival of DEDFest, a horror film festival that will take place on the evenings of October 28 and 29th at the old Vic Theatre. As part of the local tradition, the ZombieFeast film competition will be part of the night’s activities. Click here to read more.

Preview: The One Man Show

Actor, performer, Charles Ross is more than just a one-man virtuoso. He’s a master storyteller, a bard and a vocal talent that audiences frequently found enjoyable when they go to see his one-man plays. The Charles Ross-A-Thon, where he does a one man show of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, returns this year at the Metro Studio theatre, October 14 and 15th. To keep the subject fresh, his passion is not just born in the understanding of the material. Click here to read the preview.

The Silver Lining in Cantadora, an Acoustic Musical

Cantadora is a musical production that's both an interactive experience and a healing journey. Janet Walker, the creator of this play, reveals that this show is more about the coping mechanism that happens after any kind of visceral trauma has occurred. In this play, the heroine suffered from sexual abuse. The two shows will take place Sept 17th, at 6pm and 9pm, at the Intrepid Theatre. Click here for more.

A Life at the Fringe: Reviews

In this special feature, B Channel reporter Ed Sum reviews theatrical performances from this year’s Fringe Festival. Victoria’s Fringe Festival is a showcase of talent that’s simply unjuried and uncensored. The performers submit their idea in a ready form, and when what gets selected is pulled out of a hat, it is ShowTime! The event takes place from August 25 to September 4; it’s just one way to cap off the summer. Check back for more reviews! Click here to select and read the reviews.

Days of Future Past: A Look at Comic Book Films

Comic book films are very often a tough sell in a mass market that’s picky about what they like seeing. While Hollywood sees the medium as a readymade—a product that comic book readers are familiar with—to attract new converts requires a product that has to be easily accessible, if not understandable. Click here to read Ed Sum’s review of comic book movies.

Harry Potter: A Deathly Analysis

Movie Review by Ed Sum The cinematic translation of the Harry Potter saga is one of those franchises that almost succeeded in staying fresh. It’s more of a worthwhile experience to watch the entire video series back-to-back than trying to watch each film separately. The overall charm of the series is that there are small plot points that can be found which contributes to the larger narrative. But when director David Yates has other ideas, to see that he doesn’t continue from these story elements can get problematical. Click here to read the full review.

Literary Inspections: The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice

First Journals and Poems by Allen Ginsberg 1937-1952 Review by Lisa Nickol Karoway It took 23 years to piece together: Allen Ginsberg – The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice. A collaborative effort by friends, artists, fellow writers and editors of the late beat poet; it is a collection of first journals, correspondences and previously unreleased poetry. “Be careful, this is civilization, you are not in wonderland, this is not a dream,” Ginsberg writes in Monologue without Images or Music. Click here to continue reading...

Sneak Preview

Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

September 12th, 2010 The fifth annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair again displayed its gravity as the center piece in this years Festival of Anarchy. Taking place on September 11th & 12th the bookfair and its constellation of events drew people from all over Canada and the United States; booksellers, performers, patrons and audience alike. This years growing tradition of dissent drew an estimated 3000 participants. This video is a short montage and introduction. Interviews in their entirety and related links will be posted in the days to come.

Understanding the Crash

On July 3rd, 2010, at Camas Books, Seth Tobocman, an influential figure amongst squatters, anti-global and anti-war activists, presented 5 pieces from his latest work "Understanding the Crash" and previous work "You Don't Have to Fuck People Over to Survive"; As well as an introduction and an informative Q&A/Discussion afterword. B Channel News attended this presentation and brings it to you HERE in it's entirety. .

the 13th Annual Golden Corporate Piggy Awards

Click HERE for complete coverage of this event

500 Years of Resistance

May 18, 2010 Gord Hill, an activist/artist from from the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation, was in Victoria on May 7, 2010 for the launch of his latest book, entitled ‘500 Years of Resistance Comic Book.’ From the uprising against Christopher Columbus’ conquistadors in the 15th century, to the Six Nations land reclamation in Ontario in 2006, Gord Hill presents an illustrated history of indigenous resistance in the Americas. B Channel News filmed his presentation at Camas Infoshop, and we present it as a series of 11 video clips. Watch here.
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Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

Special B Channel Coverage The 6th Annual Canadian Festival of Spoken Word which took place from November 10-14, 2009 was hosted in Victoria this year. Click here to watch this series of 18 video clips of performance pieces. [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /] [hana-code-insert name='Start of article' /]

Metamorphosis at Collective Works Gallery

by B Channel Arts [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /] The Collective Works Gallery is a user-run gallery in the heart of 'downtown' Fernwood. The gallery is run by the Collective Works Artist Association, and is located in a rescued heritage building owned by the Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group. B Channel News went to visit the gallery last week and checked out t the current installation: Metamorphosis, which features sculpture, assemblage and mixed media by member artists Michael Leger, Margaret Nicholson, and Carrol Ann Smedley. This event had it's opening on October 23, and runs until November 5. For more information, watch the video on the left of your screen, or head down to 1311 Gladstone to visit the gallery. [hana-code-insert name='End Article' /] [hana-code-insert name='Start of article' /] [hana-code-insert name='xx-large font' /]Arts Cuts Protest II by B Channel [hana-code-insert name='Next Column' /]

Arts Community Continues to Protest Funding Cuts

With the ever expanding base of people angered at the BC Liberal government, demonstrations in front of the Legislature Building are becoming more frequent. This one, protesting cuts in funding to the arts, featured a silently played (but recorded) piece of symphony music (the adagio of Hayden's Farewell Symphony), speeches and two songs sung by the Gettin' Higher Choir.

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Arts Community Gathers At Legislature to Protest Funding Cuts

On October 7th, 2009 Victoria's art community took to the legislature, in support of ProArt Alliance's presentation to the BC Budget Consultation Committee. Each year, the Alliance - stacked with representatives from professional arts organizations - makes a recommendation to the committee for a larger arts funding. And this year, with consideration to the severe funding cuts, they encouraged the public to come out and show their support.

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