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B Channel News is a collaborative project between local writers, editors, videographers, photographers and artists. We work together to create a new platform and vision for local media. Consider joining the B Channel News team, as a volunteer member and/or contributor. B Channel News is a classroom and laboratory for independent media. As we grow, we learn more about what local news media needs to be, and we seek ways to fill that need. We’re not only learning what the future of journalism is, we’re creating it. Our commitment is to the production of quality, fact-based journalism that reflects as many sides of the issues as possible, in order to empower the public to make educated, informed decisions. Contact us if you’d like to meet with us, or use the form below to submit inquiries or feedback on our website and our coverage. Submissions B Channel considers original articles and multi-media submissions in the following categories:

Local News Arts Music Photos B-ing (lifestyle) Food

Submissions are not limited to these catagories.  Before making a news article submission, please contact us for our editorial policy.  Submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team, and a B Channel member will be in contact with the contributor to discuss. For more information or to make a submission, please use the the form below or contact