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Buy Epogen Without Prescription, by Sandra Cuffe, Vancouver Media Co-op

December 11, 2010

In solidarity with activists in Cancun and people around the world, close to 100 people participated in a climate justice rally in downtown Vancouver today. Epogen from canadian pharmacy, As a symbolic direct action to highlight the inaction of the government of British Columbia on climate issues, the demonstrators sandbagged the Vancouver offices of the BC premier and cabinet, Epogen to buy. Epogen for sale, Several speakers from local labour, political, Epogen in india, Epogen overseas, and climate justice organizations took to the impromptu stage on the street, as onlookers went about their errands and holiday shopping, Epogen prescriptions. Order Epogen no prescription, Bystanders and demonstrators alike were serenaded with historic social movement songs by the Solidarity Notes Labour Choir and the lively tunes of local band Maria in the Shower.

"Last night was the last day of the climate negotiations in Cancun, where to buy Epogen, Buy Epogen online no prescription, " explained rally MC Ries Mentink, referring to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, buy Epogen online with no prescription, Where can i find Epogen online, more commonly known as COP-16.

Rally participants shouted their displeasure with the agreement reached in Cancun, Buy Epogen Without Prescription. The deal is not legally binding and contains no details on carbon emissions reduction targets, online buying Epogen hcl, Buying Epogen online over the counter, nor on budget allocations to the various issues contained in the agreement.

Mentink parodied the official negotiations and agreement: "What about 'we need to protect our rainforests?' Yeah, Epogen san diego, Epogen in japan, that's a good idea. Let's talk about it some more."

Calling for immediate action by the BC and Canadian governments on climate issues, Epogen craiglist, Rx free Epogen, the rally marched over to the World Trade Centre building at 999 Canada Place, where the cabinet of the BC government has its Vancouver offices, buy Epogen from canada. Epogen trusted pharmacy reviews, An assembly line formed to pass sandbags from a truck down two lines of demonstrators all the way to the doors of the building, where a wall of sandbags blockaded the principal entrance, order Epogen online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Epogen Without Prescription, Throughout the rally and action, a series of local speakers were invited to take the microphone to discuss local issues related to climate disaster and climate justice throughout the lower mainland and BC. Purchase Epogen online, Harold Steves, the former MLA who created the Agricultural Land Reserve in the Fraser valley, buy cheap Epogen, Sale Epogen, spoke out about the freeways threatening the reserve, the recent motion passed by BC's legislature in favour of a tanker ban in BC's coastal waters, Epogen pills, Delivered overnight Epogen, and the history of climate justice action in BC.

"In 1968, buy Epogen online no prescription, Saturday delivery Epogen, the first environmental protest in BC that I know of took place," when 4000 people gathered at the Peace Arch border crossing to demand a moratorium on tankers plying BC's waters, order Epogen online c.o.d, Next day Epogen, said Steves.

"I cannot believe that 40 years later I'm back on the stage, where to buy Epogen, Order Epogen from United States pharmacy, speaking about the same thing," Steves added, Epogen price, coupon. Epogen in usa, Steves also voiced his disgust with the 3000 acres of farm land taken over by the Vancouver Port Authority to expand coal export operations. Over 29 million tons of coal are shipped out of Roberts Bank each year, releasing more than 20 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year, added Steves, Buy Epogen Without Prescription.

"If we can't shut the coal factories down, Epogen to buy online, Epogen in mexico, at least we can tax them to death, instead of them putting people to death around the world, Epogen prices, Epogen in japan, " denounced Steves.

"We are becoming the anti-climate control capital of the world, buy Epogen no prescription, Over the counter Epogen, " he added.

Irene Lazinger, Epogen overseas, Epogen san diego, the newly elected secretary-treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour, echoed many of the remarks made by both previous speakers, online buy Epogen without a prescription, Buy Epogen online without a prescription, as well as shouts from the crowd.

"We don't have the luxury of waiting, where can i buy cheapest Epogen online. Buy Epogen Without Prescription, We're tired of the Harper government embarassing us with their heads in the tar sands," said an indignant Lazinger. Buy Epogen without a prescription, The BC Federation of Labour recently passed a resolution condemning the Canadian Senate's killing of Bill C-311. The piece of legislation would hold Canada accountable to its international obligations in greenhouse gas emission reductions, buy generic Epogen, Epogen in india, setting specific targets to be met.

"That bill was passed in the House and overturned by the Harper-controlled Senate, Epogen prescriptions, Buy Epogen online with no prescription, " explained Lazinger.

Canadian Auto Workers activist Susan Spratt also spoke about the support of the labour movement for the climate justice movement, free Epogen samples. There can be responsible action and justice for the planet without jeopardizing union jobs, she explained, Buy Epogen Without Prescription. Fast shipping Epogen, "Workers' health is not for sale, nor is the health of the planet, buy Epogen online cod, Purchase Epogen online no prescription, " said Spratt.

Indigenous Action Movement founder and First Nations residential school survivor Cat Norris also spoke out to the rally, buy Epogen without prescription. Epogen buy, She highlighted that many of the places discussed, as well as places within Vancouver such as Kitsilano, buying Epogen online over the counter, Where can i buy Epogen online, were inhabited by local First Nations. The majority of BC is unceded indigenous territory, Epogen in us. Buy Epogen Without Prescription, "Greed is the new apocalyptic monster. Where to buy Epogen, Greed is what is keeping the destruction of our lands and water alive," said Norris, where can i order Epogen without prescription. Buy cheap Epogen no rx, "A big change can happen as long as we stand together," Norris added, buy Epogen from mexico. Buy no prescription Epogen online, As the rally stood in front of the wall of sandbags, Mentink called out to Gordon Campbell, ordering Epogen online, Cod online Epogen, to the laughter of the crowd: "Oh Campbell, we're calling you... The people are waiting for you... Come out...Knock, knock..."

While the demonstration slowly dispersed, many stuck around to sing along to the tunes sung by both the Solidarity Notes Labour Choir and Maria in the Shower, Buy Epogen Without Prescription. The high spirits and the urgency of action on climate justice was evident among rally participants.

"After 50 years, there is no time left for compromise," said Harold Steves, adding that "[the] time for compromise is over!"

A demonstration against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project was announced for next week, to the cheers of those gathered. The "uncelebration of Enbridge" will take place this coming Thursday, December 16th at noon, outside the Enrbidge office at 505 Burrard Street.

Rally MC Ries Mentink asked: "Bob, do we have any sandbags left?"

A contributing member of the Vancouver Media Coop, Sandra Cuffe is an activist and journalist currently based in Vancouver.

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