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[caption id="attachment_8484" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Ida Chong takes part in the eye-dotting ceremony at the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival (August 2010) photo: Ida Chong staff"][/caption]

Buy Modalert Without Prescription, November 30, 2010

Elections BC has approved the application for petition to recall MLA, Ida Chong.  The Acting Chief Elector Officer, Craig James approved the application which was submitted by Michael Roy Hayes.  Hayes applied twice for a petition to recall MLA Ida Chong in the riding of Oak Bay - Gordon Head. 

Craig James said, “The petition will be issued on Monday, December 6, 2010, and at that time, registered canvassers may begin collecting signatures.  The petition must be returned to this office no later than Friday, February 4, 2011.” 

According to Elections BC, In Oak Bay-Gordon Head, 38,419 voters were registered to vote on May 12, 2009.  Registered canvassers will have 60 days to collect 15,368 or more valid signatures on the recall petition.  The expenses limit for the proponent and the Member is $35,938.72. 

November 25, 2010

The Application to recall Member of the Legislative Assembly, Ida Chong was denied by Elections BC.   The proponent, Michael Hayes will resubmit the application.  In the following interview, Hayes explains why the application was denied and their campaign’s plans to continue pursuing the recall. Modalert in canada, Q: Why was the application rejected?

There is a requirement in the Recall Act that the reason for the recall be a statement of not more than 200 words.  After 3 days, the Acting Chief Electoral Officer, order Modalert online c.o.d, Over the counter Modalert, Craig James, got around to counting my words and ruled that the statement exceeded the 200 word limit.  He was right, Modalert buy, Modalert in india, because the detailed instructions note that all numbers abbreviations must be counter as full words.  So MLA, which I counted as one word, ordering Modalert online, Modalert in australia, is considered to be five words (Member of the Legislative Assembly) by Elections BC.  You get the idea.  I had not noticed that provision.

Q:  How does this affect the campaign?

It shouldn’t have affected the campaign at all, delivered overnight Modalert, Buy generic Modalert, if Mr. James had simply called and pointed out the mistake, buy Modalert no prescription, Modalert to buy online, I would have had a rewritten statement to him immediately.  But, instead of facilitating the application process, where can i buy Modalert online, Modalert over the counter, he waited until just before leaving for Ottawa and declared that our petition application had failed, on the basis of the technicality.  He further declares, buy cheap Modalert no rx, Cod online Modalert, and this is the most outrages part of this sad saga, that the 150 canvasser applications we had submitted shortly after our petition application were no longer valid and we would have to get new volunteer canvasser applications to replace those already signed and submitted.  We can see no section of the “Act” that supports his decision, Modalert gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Modalert from mexico, We have asked Elections BC for an answer, but have heard nothing, Modalert from canadian pharmacy.

We accept that we made a mistake with the word issue, and we have submitted a new application and paid another 50 dollars.  But we should not have to resign those volunteers, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Modalert online, Q:  What are the campaign’s next steps?

We have re-applied and must now wait for “approval in principal” from Mr. James.  At that point, fast shipping Modalert, Where can i find Modalert online, Elections BC must give us the tools we need to conduct the recall campaign.  No one at Elections BC can tell us when Mr. James will be back in the office or when we are likely to get a ruling on our new application.  We are at the mercy of the “non-partisan, buying Modalert online over the counter, Buy no prescription Modalert online, independent”, Acting Chief Electoral Officer.  In the meantime, Modalert medication, Purchase Modalert online, we will continue to train volunteer canvassers, get new canvasser applications signed, buy Modalert online no prescription, Modalert in uk, work on our signing strategies, outreach to the public through media...and wait, where can i order Modalert without prescription. Modalert overseas, Q:  What will the timeline look like now?

If Mr. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, James responds to our application, with approval in principal, by Monday (which we expect to be the earliest date), we will have to wait 7 days before being in a legal position to collect signatures.  The campaign then has 60 days to gather 15, 366 signatures.  Assuming a start date in the week of December 6th to 10th, the campaign will run until the second week in February.  But, everything depends on what the Action Chief Electoral Officer does.

Local MLA First Target of Anti-HST Recall Campaign

November 23, where to buy Modalert, Purchase Modalert, 2010

A unique aspect of British Columbia’s electoral process is the ability for citizens to petition for the recall of their Member of the Legislative Assembly. As part of a larger campaign against the Harmonized Sales Tax, online buy Modalert without a prescription, Order Modalert no prescription, the organization “Fight HST” has filed the Application for Recall Petition for the riding of Oak Bay – Gordon Head. BC Liberal cabinet minister, buy Modalert from canada, Buy Modalert online without a prescription, Ida Chong currently has held this riding since 1996.

“The recall will address the issue of the HST (and the deceptive way it was introduced) by pressuring the government to either move up the date of the referendum or to simply abandon the tax by reducing their majority in the Legislature, Modalert pills, Modalert for sale, ” said Colin Nielsen, organizer for the Oak Bay – Gordon Head recall campaign, saturday delivery Modalert.

The provincial government has indicated that the referendum will be held September 23, 2011, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Order Modalert from mexican pharmacy, “People need to keep in mind why recall is happening, what I’ve heard from the organizers is that they want to get rid of the HST, Modalert in us. Order Modalert from mexican pharmacy, Well recall, will not get rid of HST, Modalert trusted pharmacy reviews, Order Modalert online overnight delivery no prescription, it’s the referenda vote that is going to decide the state of the HST. So if that’s what they are really interested in, buy Modalert online without a prescription, Modalert to buy online, then there is a referendum that is about to take place in September or sooner that will dictate on the fate of that,” said Ida Chong, real brand Modalert online, Online buying Modalert hcl, Minister of Universities and Science, MLA for the riding of Oak Bay – Gordon Head where a recall has been launched, Modalert san diego. Where to buy Modalert, The draft question has been released and asks, "Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and reinstating the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) in conjunction with the GST (Goods and Services Tax), buy Modalert without prescription. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Yes/No."

Ida Chong, has said that part of her record includes major infrastructure and programs at the University of Victoria, the rebuilding/refurbishment of Jubilee Hospital, advocating for the City of Victoria on increased recreation facilities, increasing the building safety of schools, bike paths and trail ways. Modalert discount, Chong wants her constituents to remember, “I have been working hard for them since the day I was elected as an MLA, Modalert paypal, Buy Modalert online with no prescription, even when I was in opposition, I worked on their behalf because I grew up in that riding, Modalert price, coupon, Fast shipping Modalert, live in that riding, went to school in that riding, buy cheap Modalert no rx, Modalert to buy, I believe in this riding because I know it and that’s the reason I wanted to represent it in ‘96 and want to continue to represent it.”

Colin Nielsen has said that Chong is being targeted because, “Ms, buy no prescription Modalert online. Modalert in uk, Chong has stood quietly in the background saying nothing while these occurrences have taken place. During the 2009 Election campaign, Modalert medication, Modalert in mexico, Ms. Chong sent a pamphlet to the voters in her constituency promising to lower taxes for families (one of six "pillars" in the pamphlet), Modalert overseas. Since winning re-election, she has managed to increase taxes for those same families through her "quiet support" of the deceptive introduction of the HST upon those same constituents.”

The Fight HST campaign, which is led by former Social Credit Premier, Bill Vander Zalm, has stated they will target 24 BC Liberal MLAs for recall, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Next day Modalert, “I’ve said all along that recall is an important process but when you are the member being recalled that it is a distraction. You have to put some time and effort into fighting the recall, Modalert for sale, Modalert in india, in fact I intend to do that and because of that it means that takes away from the time I would normally be spending doing other things in my constituency, it takes time you would spend with your family and also takes away from time you want to spend doing your work as a Minister, so it distracts you from that. But at the same time it is an important process,” said Minister Ida Chong.


The Recall and Initiative, was established in British Columbia through a referendum which was held during the general election of October, 1991. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Both the recall and initiative received 80% of the vote. Both of these tools enables citizens to go through a process and potentially recall a Member of the Legislative Assembly or initiate a province wide referendum. Recall and Initiative Referendum is overseen by Elections BC, a non-partisan office of the Legislature.

When the recall petition is issued, the applicant has to collect signatures from 40 percent of the voters within 60 days. Signatories must have been registered to vote in that electoral district in the last provincial election, and currently registered to vote in B.C.. Signatures that do not include one’s place of residence are not counted, Buy Modalert Without Prescription.

Once the petition is  submitted, the Chief Electoral Officer has 42 days to complete the verification process. Signatures are first counted, if there are enough signatures on the petition, they are verified to ensure signatories meet the requirements. Elections BC also will verify the registration status of canvassers who collected the signatures.

Should the petition  meet the requirements and be validated, the MLA ceases to hold office and a by-election must be called within 90 days. The recalled member is still eligible to run in the by-election.


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