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Click on the video above for a 14 minute overview of the interviews conducted regarding this project.

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B Channel News Special Report

Reporting and Article by Lisa Nickol Karoway
Videography and Video Editing by Andrew Ainsley

September 6, Premarin in usa, Premarin in canada, 2010

Every controversial issue has multiple sides; groups, people, where to buy Premarin, Premarin in uk, companies and organizations provide different information on the same topics. The Victoria International Marina project is no exception, Premarin prices. Premarin medication, Both sides have published reports, documentation, where can i buy Premarin online, Rx free Premarin, lists of ‘facts’ and sources which contradicts each other.

“There has been a certain degree of misunderstanding in the community and a little bit of misinformation, buy Premarin online no prescription, Buying Premarin online over the counter, so we are working through steps like this to provide clarity and balance to that conversation. People in Victoria, it’s a well educated town and most people are pretty rational and if you can sit down with them and have a conversation and present them with the fact and they can listen to both sides and they can make up their minds based on the balance of what they’ve taken in,” said Lachlan MacLean, General Manager for the project, Buy Premarin Without Prescription.

However, Premarin to buy, Where to buy Premarin, the organizations voicing concern with the marina project, disagree with the information presented by the developer and have published documentation and reports showing a different side to this proposal, Premarin over the counter. Premarin overseas, “We’ve been through several thousand pages of materials that were obtained through FOI [Freedom of Information] requests from both the provincial and federal governments. Everything that we say on the website can be backed up with a document, delivered overnight Premarin, Premarin in mexico, ” said Diane Carr, member of Save Victoria Harbour, Premarin in japan. Buy Premarin from mexico, The intent of this feature compilation is to gather information from some of the different stakeholders and provide some of the background, public opinion and issues around the Victoria International Marina, Premarin for sale, Premarin tablets, from those directly involved. Buy Premarin Without Prescription, We encourage you to watch the videos, visit the different websites, read the reports and decide for yourself.

A Look into the Victoria International Marina Proposal

The Victoria International Marina
is a proposal by developer Robert Evans, order Premarin from United States pharmacy, Buy Premarin from canada, Community Marine Concepts Group in partners with Western Asset Management (WAM) to develop a Marina in the Victoria Harbour. The marina which would provide 52 slips will have moorage for yachts from 65 feet to 135 feet long, cod online Premarin. Real brand Premarin online, The development would be located near Lime Bay Park on the north shore of Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

Click here for an Interview with WAM’s General Manager for Marina Development, buy Premarin online cod, Premarin discount, Lachlan MacLean, who describes the project in more detail.

Concerns with the project has come from: Save Victoria Harbour, Premarin from international pharmacy, Purchase Premarin online no prescription, Dogwood Initiative, Ocean River Sports, sale Premarin, Where can i buy cheapest Premarin online, Southern Island Sea Kayakers Association, Harbour Deference Alliance, over the counter Premarin, Premarin san diego, the last 30 years of former Victoria mayors, Songhees condo owners and other local businesses, ordering Premarin online, Premarin from canadian pharmacy, community associations, organizations, Premarin prescriptions, Purchase Premarin, local municipal, federal and provincial politicians and public members, Premarin in australia.

“My overriding concerns, which are like the public concerns, are around the appropriateness of using this area which is a public area, for a marina of this size and nature,” said Victoria resident and Environmental Consultant, Brian Emmett, Buy Premarin Without Prescription. Fast shipping Premarin, Click on videos of Diane Carr, Brian Emmett, where can i order Premarin without prescription, Next day Premarin, Gordon Greeniaus and Tim Houlihan on why they are concerned with different aspects of the proposal.

Support for the project has come from: OCEAN Industries British Columbia, Ocean Estates Developments, free Premarin samples, Order Premarin online overnight delivery no prescription, Chemainus Quay & Marina Complex ltd., BC Marine Trades Association, Premarin paypal, Premarin trusted pharmacy reviews, VIH Aviation Group, McNeal & Associates Consultants Ltd., order Premarin from mexican pharmacy, Purchase Premarin online, HarbourWerks Strategies, Conservative Minister Stockwell Day and other businesses, buy Premarin online without a prescription, Order Premarin no prescription, residents and organizations.

“It’s an untapped resource here in BC and the VIM being the first super yacht marina in Canada, Premarin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Saturday delivery Premarin, based here in Victoria; I am all for it. When we have 22, Premarin price, coupon, Premarin in canada, 000 nautical miles of the pristine waters on the planet, it’s just an invitation waiting for all these super yachts to come into British Columbia, Premarin discount, Order Premarin online c.o.d, ” said Brian Barnett, OCEAN Industries BC, delivered overnight Premarin. Premarin medication, Support for the project is around the need for a Marina which provides services for yachts of this magnitude and economic benefits and jobs for the city, which the developer and the supporters have projected, Premarin buy.

Click on the Videos with Brian Barnett Buy Premarin Without Prescription, , Paul Servos and Bruce Carter on reasons to support the project and/or the benefits they think it will bring to Victoria.

The Process:

The project, which was first proposed in 2005, requires approval from all three levels of government. Buy no prescription Premarin online, It has received federal approval on the safety and environmental impact of the project. The Province is responsible for approving Provincial Crown Land leases, buy Premarin online with no prescription. Premarin overseas, “The government [provincial] has continued to say their role is technical, they’ve left a lot of the responsibility up to the federal government, purchase Premarin online no prescription. Premarin tablets, The federal government has very narrowly defined what their role is and there was no public consultation at the federal level either that was meaningful,” said Maurine Karagianis, buy Premarin online cod, Premarin in japan, MLA for Esquimalt-Royal Roads, who has tabled a petition of 7, purchase Premarin online,000 signatures to the Legislature, against the proposal.

The Minister responsible has said that the City could change the zoning on the water lots that are being applied for if they do not agree with approval by the province, Buy Premarin Without Prescription.

“The city has two roles to play; first we are going to reflect the interest of the public in our ownership of Lime Bay Park, the public that is the owners of Lime Bay Park. We are going to protect our riparian rights, makes sure that people have the right to unobstructed views, that is what you expect when you get into public parks. But secondly, we are going to play our role as reflecting the community’s values... So, our job is to communicate to the Province what we think is the appropriate level, scope and scale of the development that goes in there with that expectation that they will honour the commitment that the City of Victoria has to reflect the community values,” said Victoria Mayor, Dean Fortin. Buy Premarin Without Prescription, The City has moved to rezone the water lots and in currently going through the zoning process, which includes a public hearing set for September 7th.

Click on the video of Mayor Dean Fortin for the city’s perspective and MLA Maurine Karagianis on the Province’s role.

Public Concerns:

Concerns with the project have included the size and scope of the Marina, the environmental impacts, wave attenuators, public input into the development, the process of approval for the development, and safety issues in the harbour. B Channel spoke with a number of people around the public concerns and with the developers for their response to the issues raised by the public.

Watch the video with Brian Emmett, M.Sc., R.P. Bio., who addresses some of the environmental concerns.

Watch the video with Professor Gordon Greeniaus, a professional physicist and teacher in wave motion theory, who explains more on the wave attenuator and other related issues.

Watch the video with Doug Linton of the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club to see the concerns with safety for the non-motorized vessel usage of the harbour.

The developer’s response to the publically raised concerns can been seen in the interview with Lachlan MacLean, WAM General Manager.

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