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B Channel News Covers the Summits from Both Sides of the Fence

Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, The annual G8 summit meeting, and one of the biannual G20 summit meetings, were held in Huntsville and Toronto, Ontario from June 25-27, 2010. These summits are informal meetings between leaders of the G8 and G20 nations.

B Channel News sent a team of journalists from our home in Victoria, buy Nizoral without a prescription, Real brand Nizoral online, BC, to Toronto to cover events inside and outside the massive security perimeter, where to buy Nizoral. Nizoral overseas,

Latest Content:

Asking the Right Questions about the G20
Editorial by Lisa Nickol, B Channel News Editor
July 6, Nizoral paypal, Order Nizoral no prescription, 2010

Latest Video:

Solidarity Rallies Held Across Country

July 2, 2010

Toronto Mayor Post-G20
Press Conference

June 29, purchase Nizoral online, Nizoral in usa, 2010

Queers demand police accountability

June 29, 2010

Journalist Arrested Covering Summit Protests

June 29, Nizoral san diego, Delivered overnight Nizoral, 2010

G20 Summit Detention Centre Tour

June 29, 2010

Journalists Describe Arrests and Abuse at G20 Summit

Video of press conference at Alternative Media Centre, where can i buy Nizoral online, Nizoral prescriptions, June 28, 2010 where 6 journalists describe targeting, online buy Nizoral without a prescription, Buy Nizoral online with no prescription, intimidation, arrest and abuse of independent journalists, saturday delivery Nizoral. Order Nizoral from mexican pharmacy,

Activists Report Police Targeting and Intimidation

Video from press conference with migrant justice organization No One is Illegal and activist convergence organizers Toronto Community Mobilization Network held Sunday, June 27 to share their concerns in regards to the arrests of activists and community organizers opposed to the G8/G20, Nizoral medication. Buy Nizoral online without a prescription,

Shout Out For Global Justice

Video from a Council of Canadians event at Massey Hall on June 25, 2010 in which several high-profile activists deliver powerful speeches opposing the G8 and G20, over the counter Nizoral.

Social Networking and the G20

Sergeant Tim Burrows, Toronto Police, with the Integrated Security Unit, who speaks to B Channel News about the ISU’s use of social networking and provides advice for people who utilize these sites to obtain information about the G8-G20 Summits in Toronto, Buy Nizoral Without Prescription. Nizoral gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

Inside the Fence: International Monetary Fund

Audio of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director for the International Monetary Fund addressing journalists from around the world at a press briefing at the International Media Center towards the end of the G-20 Summit, where can i buy cheapest Nizoral online. Nizoral to buy online,

At The Fence: No One is Illegal and Defenders of the Land

On June 24, 2010 members of Defenders of the Land and No One is Illegal, sale Nizoral, Nizoral over the counter, two groups involved in the Indigenous Solidarity march on June 24, 2010, buy cheap Nizoral, Buy generic Nizoral, spoke to reporters in front of the three kilometre, $5.5 million security fence that has encircled the area around the summit site in downtown Toronto, ordering Nizoral online. Cod online Nizoral, Video from the press conference.

Toronto Community Mobilization Network and Alternative Media Centre Press Conference

Video clips from a joint press conference held on June 21, buy Nizoral from mexico, Nizoral prices, 2010 at the opening of the Alternative Media Centre. Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, Independent journalists and community organizers address the media.

NDP Challenge G20 Priorities

Article looking at the New Democratic Party's position on the G8 and G20 Summit agendas, Nizoral in uk. Buy no prescription Nizoral online, June 21, 2010, rx free Nizoral. Buy Nizoral no prescription,

Carrie Lester on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

During the 2010 People's Summit, which was held in Toronto as a lead-up to the G8/G20 Summits, Nizoral from international pharmacy, Nizoral craiglist, Carrie Lester, a social activist involved in issues of the environment and indigenous rights talked on the subject of the residential school system and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, order Nizoral from United States pharmacy. Nizoral in canada,

Opening Night Launch: Stories and Solutions from North and South

Video from The Opening Night Launch of the People's Summit, called Stories and Solutions from North and South, Nizoral in us, Buy Nizoral from canada, was held on June 18, 2010 in The Carlu in Toronto, Nizoral for sale. B Channel News was there and filmed the event to share with our viewers back home, Buy Nizoral Without Prescription. Nizoral in india,

Independent Media and International Solidarity

Video of Journalist Stefan Christoff talking about the relationship of independent media makers to the social movements opposing the G8/G20, and of the relationship that corporate media outlets like CBC, buying Nizoral online over the counter, Nizoral buy, CTVglobemedia and Canwest have with the the government. June 17, Nizoral price, coupon, Buy Nizoral online no prescription, 2010.

Finance Minister: Canada an Example of Economic Performance

B Channel News talked to Canadian Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty before the G8 and G20 Summits about the message that Canada was planning to bring to the discussions, fast shipping Nizoral. Where can i find Nizoral online,

PMO Pre-Summit Press Conference

June 24, 2010

G8 – G20 News in Brief

by Lisa Nickol, order Nizoral online c.o.d, Buy Nizoral without prescription, B Channel News Editor

Haiti/Canada: Canada, who cancelled the debt owed by Haiti to Canada following the earthquake in January 2010, saturday delivery Nizoral, Buy cheap Nizoral no rx, has led a G-20 consensus to forgive debt owed by Haiti to international financial institutions. Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, “Canada has fully honoured its international pledge to the people of Haiti, and we urge others to follow this example at the G-20 Leaders’ Summit this weekend,” said Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Maternal Health: The G20 will approve Canada's plan to invest billions of dollars into maternal health programs in developing nations, Nizoral price, coupon. Free Nizoral samples, The G20-funded project allows each nation to decide how they will allocate the funds.
"Each nation will develop their own plans, Nizoral from international pharmacy, Nizoral trusted pharmacy reviews, " said Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Nizoral in japan. Order Nizoral from mexican pharmacy, Canada will allocate $1 billion to the plan.

Economic Recovery through Austerity: At the G20 Summit, the leaders agreed to lower their deficits by 50% by the year 2014, Buy Nizoral Without Prescription. G20 countries will also be stopping the growth of their debt, real brand Nizoral online. Buy Nizoral from canada, Some countries have already put forward a budget that reflects these principles; the G20 has said that these measures are optional.
The market reaction has been mild, purchase Nizoral online. Buy Nizoral online with no prescription, Austerity is one theory for dealing with an economic crisis; governments cut back on spending and focus on debt reduction. Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, Austerity measures can however, have a negative effect on the economy as the threat of cutbacks can cause people to save their money and with increased layoffs consumerism can drop.

The United States who wanted to put forth a second stimulus package, buy Nizoral without a prescription, Buy generic Nizoral, will be adopting the G20 austerity measures.

The implementation will be guided by the International Monetary Fund, Nizoral for sale, which supports the measures and helped draft the frame work. The IMF who has a membership of 176 countries, is seeing a renewed amount of influence on the world’s wealthiest nations.

“Specifically we should agree that deficits will be halved by 2013 and we should also agree government debt-to-GDP ratio should be stabilized by 2016, at the least on a downward path,” Prime Minister, Stephen Harper told the G20 leaders.

G8 Continuation: Prime Minister, Stephen Harper told reporters after the G8 Summit in Huntsville, Ont., that the G8 is still a, “pretty essential organization”, Buy Nizoral Without Prescription.

The G20, despite its growing forum for economic cooperation discussions will not be replacing the G8 summit.

Costing/France: President Sarkozy has pledged that the Summit in France next will cost 1/10 of Canada’s.

Protests: Media reports indicate around 25,000 attended a protest against the G-20 Summit in Toronto on Saturday, June 26. Subsequent marches were held on Sunday, the closing day of the G20 Summit. Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, 900 people were arrested and detained, the largest mass arrest in Canadian history.

Dimitri Soudas, chief spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated that “thugs” were responsible for the riots and that the federal government has no regrets choosing Toronto as the G20 site.

The Mayor of Toronto has expressed that the summit should never have been held in downtown Toronto, the city had told the federal government if they are set on hosting the G20 in Toronto it should have been at the exhibition grounds, not in the downtown core. The federal government will not be compensating the city for loss of wages and property damages that occured during the summits.

The Toronto Police Service has set up the G20 Investigative Team to examine all crimes committed during the Summit and is asking for public help for information and pictures and videos of ‘violent’ acts being committed. They will also be launching an investigation on the measures used by their police force against the protestors, Buy Nizoral Without Prescription. TPS made up a fraction of the overall security team. On Sunday, the OPP relieved the TPS of their duties. The OPP and the ISU are not currently investigating the use of police tactics which saw journalists, medics, lawyers, tourists, citizens and peaceful protestors detained.

Some of the issues being raised at the demonstrations are poverty, war and occupation, the openness and accountability of the summit, climate change, unemployment, etc.

Aid to Africa Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, : Canada has made a pledge to make up to $2.6 billion
available to Africa to help jump-start lending. Ottawa will provide "callable capital" to the African Development Bank. According to the PMO’s office, the African Development Bank is potentially facing a $3-billion shortfall next year. Demands for loans that are expected to exceed $15 billion.

Bank Tax: The G20 has concluded that each individual country will be left to decide whether or not they want to impose a bank tax. Canada was one of the countries advocated against a bank tax. The International Monetary Fund will aid countries in developing a framework for the tax.


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