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Buy Tylenol Without Prescription, [flashvideo file=videos/Harm_Reduction_Training/ image=Harm_Reduction_Training_Stills/russell.png /]
Click on the video above to hear a VicPD Cst. Mike Russell interviewed about possible harm reduction training, buy Tylenol from mexico. Next day Tylenol, [flashvideo file=videos/Harm_Reduction_Training/ image=Harm_Reduction_Training_Stills/lucas.png /]
Click on the video above to watch City Councillor Phillipe Lucas interviewed about this motion

Motion also asks Police Board to Support Harm Reduction in Principle and Practice.

April 6, 2010

(This article is part of a five part series on Harm Reduction produced by B Channel News)

by Lisa Nickol Karoway

At the March 25 City Council meeting, where to buy Tylenol, Tylenol prices, Councillor Philippe Lucas made a motion to City Council requesting that ‘The Victoria City Council requests that the Victoria Police Board: consider passing a motion in support of harm reduction in principle and practice and consider initiating a strategy of regular harm reduction training for members and employees of the Victoria Police Department’.

“The goal of this is to give better information to the police about health approaches to substance use, buy Tylenol from canada. Next day Tylenol, The goal is for all of us to have access to the same information around the benefits of harm reduction practices and the goal of having the Police Board to pass a motion in regards to harm reduction is to make this part of the official polices of the Victoria Police Department,” said Councillor Philippe Lucas, purchase Tylenol online, Tylenol in australia, City of Victoria.

Currently the Victoria Police Department does not have harm reduction training as part of their overall police force training program, Buy Tylenol Without Prescription. “We don’t have a specific training set up for harm reduction training right now, delivered overnight Tylenol, Rx free Tylenol, what we do have, is pretty much every constable that is out there is aware of the services that are provided, order Tylenol no prescription, Buy Tylenol online no prescription, ” said Constable Mike Russell, VicPD, buy Tylenol without a prescription. Buy Tylenol online with no prescription, Vancouver, however, where can i buy cheapest Tylenol online, Tylenol in india, has been providing training to their officers, which is run by the Vancouver Coastal Health department, Tylenol trusted pharmacy reviews. Tylenol discount, Officers who have had experience in the field of harm reduction and drug crime have suggestions on what should be included in police training.

“One segment should involve sensitivity training to those from less advantaged backgrounds, Tylenol paypal. Buy Tylenol Without Prescription, Officers could be assigned to find and interview a street person on drugs and present their findings to the group, i.e. Sale Tylenol, how they arrived where they are. Another sector must deal with the history of drugs and pharmaceutical properties of Marijuana, where can i find Tylenol online. Where can i buy Tylenol online, All members up to and including the Chief should attend,” said retired Vancouver Police officer, online buy Tylenol without a prescription, Tylenol overseas, Tony Smith, member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Tylenol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Cod online Tylenol, The training that is being suggested by the City would be similar training to that which Vancouver police are receiving. This would be the same information that council has been exposed to, Buy Tylenol Without Prescription.

“The Vancouver police are undergoing harm reduction training under a course called “health approaches to drugs and addiction” and that’s basically what we are suggesting, Tylenol san diego, Buy generic Tylenol, not a big, broad retraining of the police but simply have an exposure to the practices and principles of harm reduction, where can i order Tylenol without prescription, Buy Tylenol from canada, ” said Lucas.

The Vancouver Police Department drug policy is based on a Four Pillars strategy of prevention, Tylenol in us, Tylenol pills, enforcement, harm reduction, buy Tylenol online without prescription, Tylenol prescriptions, and treatment. In the VPD’s Drug Policy, buy no prescription Tylenol online, Tylenol for sale, they state that ‘The VPD has been, and will continue to be, where to buy Tylenol, Purchase Tylenol online no prescription, a national leader in creating, implementing, buy cheap Tylenol no rx, Buy Tylenol no prescription, and evaluating initiatives that complement and support the Four Pillars approach in the City of Vancouver.’

Lucas also made a motion that night, for council to recommend that the Police Board include harm reduction as part of their official police policy, Tylenol craiglist. Tylenol tablets, “We’ve seen over the last few weeks that there seems to be at least some questions as to what is the official policy of the Victoria Police Department in regards to harm reduction. Buy Tylenol Without Prescription, We saw that Constable Bratzer was ordered not to speak at a harm reduction panel at the city of Victoria. I just think it’s important for that to be clarified because harm reduction is one of city council’s goals and if we’re going to effectively implement harm reduction strategies here in Victoria, order Tylenol from mexican pharmacy, Tylenol in mexico, we truly, honestly need the support of the police, buy Tylenol online without a prescription. Tylenol medication, So I hope that Victoria police see this as an opportunity to get more knowledge and understanding,” said Councillor Lucas, Tylenol to buy. Tylenol to buy online, Constable Mike Russell, the Downtown Community Resource officer, free Tylenol samples, Tylenol buy, suggested police could benefit from, “even just a simple card that says these are your options, buy Tylenol online cod, Tylenol from international pharmacy, just something to hand out. I know we have that with shelters, Tylenol over the counter, Over the counter Tylenol, so that when the emergency weather protocol is up we have a list of shelters that says these sort of beds are open...Things like that are certainly something we can look into.”

In ‘Harm Reduction A British Columbia Community Guide’ prepared by the Ministry of Health, it quotes from Using Harm Reduction Policing Within Drug Law Enforcement in the NSW Police Services, real brand Tylenol online, Where to buy Tylenol, Australia, stating, Tylenol price, coupon, Ordering Tylenol online, ‘Harm reduction based approaches to law enforcement complement public health efforts by seeking to reduce the net harm experienced by drug users and the community. Examples of these enforcement practices include greater use of discretion by police, buy Tylenol from mexico, Order Tylenol online overnight delivery no prescription, provision of harm reduction training for police, direct involvement of police in harm reduction activities, fast shipping Tylenol, Saturday delivery Tylenol, and partnerships between police and health agencies.’

“Harm reduction training for police officers would increase their sensitivity to the poor, the mentally challenged and those in mental torture due to their childhoods or other traumatic incidents in their past, Tylenol in japan, Tylenol from canadian pharmacy, ” said Tony Smith, LEAP, Tylenol in usa.

The Harm reduction guide produced by the province is not policy; each police force has to adopt harm reduction policies on their own.

“Harm Reduction isn’t about supporting one particular action, or motion, or approach in the city of Victoria, it’s really about looking at what works in reducing the harms to both drug users as well as the greater community. Harm reduction only works if it achieves both those goals,” said Councillor Lucas.


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