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[flashvideo filename=videos/2010_Amy_Goodman/Goodman.xml width=600 playlist=right /] June 26, 2010 Filmed by Andrew Ainsley, B Channel News at Trinity St. Paul's United Church.Goodman was in town to cover the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit for her radio/tv/web news program Democracy Now, the War and Peace report.

Two VicPD Officers Charged With Assault

A Special Press briefing was held on March 10, 2010 at the Victoria Police headquarters to announce that charges had been laid against two VicPD officers who are accused of assaulting two brothers while they were in custody. B Channel News brings you full video coverage of the Special Press Briefing held at Victoria Police headquarters to announce these charges.

Halalt First Nation Block Road to Defend Water

On February 25, 2010, the Halalt First Nation erected a road block in front of it's band offices to bring attention to what the Halalt feel has been a lack of consultation over municipal wells being drilled into the Chemainus aquifer. Click here for Part One of our B Channel News coverage of this issue.

Protestors 'Evict' Olympic Secretariat from Victoria

Even though the 2010 Winter Olympics are happening on the other side of the Salish Sea, the movement to oppose the games has a large contingent here in Victoria. B Channel News previously brought you coverage of the protests surrounding the start of the Torch Relay. Our cameras were once again out on the streets to capture the ‘Evict Vanoc’ march and rally. Click here for videos, an article and links to related local news
[flashvideo file=videos/VicPDjan25/ image=videos/VicPDjan25/VicPDGraham.png width="150" height="100" /]

VicPD Jail supervisor suspended after allegation of excessive force

Victoria Police held a special press briefing on January 25, 2010, which Chief Constable Jamie Graham began with this statement: "Late last week, as the result of a self-disclosure from a jail supervisor to their watch commander, I became aware of an incident in our cell block where a prisoner was injured... In this video series Chief Graham and VicPD spokesperson Sgt. Grant Hamilton brief the media on this incident.
[flashvideo file=videos/TLA/ image=TLAstills/TLACampbellSpeech.png width="150" height="100" /]

"Wood is Good!"

Premier Gordon Campbell Addresses Truck Logger's Luncheon

The 67th Annual Truck Logger's Association Convention and Trade Show took place in Victoria from January 20-21. Premier Gordon Campbell gave a luncheon address on the first day of the convention. B Channel News brings you his speech in it's entirety. Watch Campbell talk about the future of forestry in British Columbia; the opening of new markets in Asia, the potential for biomass harvesting, the new Wood First legislation and the push to have more domestic use of wood in public and private structures. Click here to see this three video series, including comments from Premier Campbell and TLA Executive Director Dave Lewis, and links to related media articles.

Where's Government?

A Report on the Prorogation of Parliament

Stephen Harper, prorogued Parliament until March 2010. To prorogue Parliament is to end that session of Parliament. When Parliament is prorogued all orders cease; bills, motions, committee’s work ends. This is not a break, or a holiday in which government can return and pick up where they left off. Bills that have not received royal assent die when Parliament is prorogued. These bills must go through the entire parliamentary process again in order to be voted on, unless the House makes exception. The ability to prorogue Parliament is one of the key powers centralized within the Prime Minister’s office.
[flashvideo file=videos/ image=woodwynnpic.png width="150" height="100" /]

Off The Street and Onto the Farm

Volunteers Creating Therapeutic Community For Homeless

A dream is taking shape on the Saanich Peninsula. Inspired by the work of the San Patrignano farm in Italy, Richard LeBlanc and a team of dedicated volunteers are converting a piece of farmland in Central Saanich into a therapeutic community that will become a refuge for people experiencing homelessness. Click here for video, article and related news links

Homeless Dead Honoured

Second Annual Homeless Person's Memorial Day

With a cold wind blowing to mark the first day of winter, local homeless advocates gathered to honour those who have died on the streets of Victoria this past year. Members of the Committee to End Homelessness joined with former CTEH member and now City Councillor Phillipe Lucas, and other members of the community, to stand vigil on December 21, 2009, as part of International Homeless Person's Memorial Day. Click here to read this article
[flashvideo file=videos/ image=ref1fortinwoodland.png width="150" height="100" /]

Citizens Force Referendum on Blue Bridge

As a follow up to our coverage of the December 10, 2009 Victoria City Council meeting on the Johnson Street Bridge replacement, B Channel brings you this coverage of the January 7, 2009 Special Meeting. In this video series we hear the results of a successful counter-petition process that has led to a referendum, and hear remarks for each member of council . Click here to watch this video series, and to see links to local related news articles.

City Loses Appeal of Right to Sleep Decision

Homeless Rights Advocates Celebrate Human Rights VictoryLocal homeless rights activists are celebrating a victory today in a four year court battle for the right to camp in city parks.B Channel News brings you this article, with several video clips, and links to court documents and other local media coverage of this event.

Amy Goodman in Victoria

Award Winning Journalist Speaks of her Detainment at Canadian BorderAward-winning independent journalist Amy Goodman made a stop at the University of Victoria on November 28 to address a packed crowd at the Michelle Pujo room.B Channel is pleased to bring you the complete lecture in nine parts. Click here for this video series.

Chefs Battle to Save Local Farm

Quality chefs understand the importance of local organic farms, and realize that the caliber of their cuisine is dependent upon the freshness of their vegetables. That’s what motivated 13 chefs to participate in “Chef Survival”; a fundraiser at Madrona Farm on October 4th. Click here to read the full article and watch more videos

Five Ring Circus

Thousands of people lined the streets of Victoria on October 30 for the beginning of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. B Channel cameras were there morning to night to bring you this video series.

HST Unites Diverse Opponents

B Channel News is proud to bring you this Special Report, which includes footage of the rally, an interview with Denise Savoie, and an interview with former BC premier Bill Vander Zalm at his Delta home entitled "20 Questions with Bill Vander Zalm on HST"

Anti-Poverty Day

October 17th was the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This year, several local anti-poverty groups came together at the offices of the Action Committee of People with Disabilities to raise awareness about poverty in the Capital Region and beyond. Includes footage of the event, interviews, an article and related media links

Bill C-15

Bill C-15, An Act to Amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act was introduced by the Conservative Government as part of their “tough on crime” agenda. B Channel brings you this special report, featuring interviews with anti-prohibition activists and local Members of Parliament, as well as an in-depth article detailing the Bill's passage through the House of Commons, and related links.

Sisters in Spirit Vigil

[caption id="attachment_1542" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="photos by: Pete Rockwell"]photos by: Pete Rockwell[/caption] Advocacy groups and supporters in 80 cities came together on October 4, 2009 to hold Sisters in Spirit vigils, urging action be taken by all levels of government to address the growing number of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada. Pete Rockwell photos accompany a B Channel article.

4th Annual Anarchist Bookfair

The 4th annual Anarchist Bookfair took place on September 12th and 13th as the main event of the Festival of Anarchy. This week-long event included musical performances, a D.I.Y fest, and several cultural and educational activities. The annual fair is a hub for independent publishers and artists and is attended by hundreds of people concerned about progressive social justice. B Channel has this video series.

Wastewater Options: Part Two

Footage from a public meeting of the CRD Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee, with citizens addressing the CRD directors on the topic of where to site the Saanich East/North Oak Bay Wastewater Treatment plant.

Policing in Esquimalt

Footage and article from on August 17th, with VicPD Chief Jamie Graham explaining the statistics related to call for service in Esquimalt, and the funding formula on which shared policing in the two municipalities is based.

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembered

Every year for the past 24 years, Victoria has held an event to remember the events and the outcomes of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The year’s event, which was held on the Gorge Waterway, was organized by the Raging Grannies and sponsored by the Physicians for Global Survival, the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society and the Council of Canadians. Watch the video series here.

Steps To Food Security

When City Councillors Sonya Chandler and Phillipe Lucas, along with local Permaculture expert Geoff Johnson planted a small garden near the front door of city hall this spring, they became one of several groups turning lawns and flower beds into edible landscapes around the city. Includes several video clips, article and related links

Wastewater Options

B Channel footage of a CRD Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee meeting, links to relevant websites, and an extensive list of media articles related to the issue of sewage and wastewater treatment, and the CRD's plans for a new wastewater treatment system.

Heritage Honoured

Diversity of culture and heritage was the theme of the grand opening of the new Centennial Square/Spirit Square. Representatives of the City of Victoria, the Province of British Columbia, the Songhees Nation, The Esquimalt Nation and Victoria’s Chinese community took part in a ceremony on June 23, 2009 to unveil the new features of the city’s public square.

Rally for Iran

Over a hundred cities around the world participated in the United for Iran – Global Day of Action. In Victoria, the Iranian community and supporters gathered on the lawns of the legislature. Speeches were given, signs held high and a human chain formed in song and dance around the fountain. People came to show their solidarity with the protestors contesting the legitimacy of the June election results in Iran.

March For Dignity

A grassroots organization advocating for the rights and health of poor, homeless, and marginalized people has established a "guerrilla" clean needle exchange for intravenous drug users, at the corner of Vancouver and Pandora. The action, organized by Harm Reduction Victoria, draws attention to the lack of a permanent fixed needle exchange site in Victoria. Click here for article and video series.

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