Kormoranid ehk Nahkpükse ei pesta (Farts of Fury), a Movie Review

Victoria Film Festival Feb 8 – Cineplex Odeon Theatre 2 – 9:30pm by Ed Sum Old Farts may be the better title for this movie, but as far as Keiser (Guido Kangur) is concerned, he's a rocker who does not know that he's past his prime. The music today's generation is not the same as the music scene that he was once a part of. And Farts of Fury is a very hilarious take in what is required to make it back into the charts... well, if Billboard lets him. The Cormorants were once chart-toppers in their home of Estonia, a small country that is bordered by Sweden to the West and Finland to the North. They were considered the pioneers of Estonian Rock, but these days Keiser and his rag tag team of musicians is largely forgotten. And that makes for an interesting plot that takes a look at what some people must do to finally be happy when the downtrodden nears retirement. Some could say that Keiser is "On a mission from God." He's putting the band back together because he believes his love for 70's music is more profound than today's artists. Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones are his inspiration. While he tries to belt them out at his age, he's not getting any satisfaction. But for some crazy reason, he manages to attract a very young and beautiful Liisi (Elina Pähklimägi). Kangur is excellent in the pathos he invokes about a tired old man still set on living out his youth. The supporting cast, the band mates, also lend themselves to creating hilarious moments that invokes a different kind of sympathy. While this film is not meant to showcase the 'spectacular' music the band once made, at least there are some surprising moments where they’re learning about what it means to be blue. The music that gets harmonized is certainly a reflection of the blues music style. This film also delivers a few truisms about life as a musician. It really is a tough gig to be in. Egos clash, conflict brews and loss will happen. While some bands can go on, others will simply realize its time to call it quits. For a film that can be described as a touch of Blues Brothers with massive reams of Spinal Tap mixed in, it's a charmer that will bring smiles at the end. Another similarly structured movie is Still Crazy, starring Billy Connolly, Jimmy Nail and Bill Nighy. Not everyone will find that stairway to heaven right away.

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