The Broadway Bullies

  by Christa Simonds The Broadway Bullies are not just in a ‘rock n’ roll’ band, these guys know how to rock. This band has swagger and it is well deserved; not just from the stage presence, which they have, but the complete commitment to their craft. The drummer is one of the first on stage wearing a fur, possibly faux fur, vest only slightly upstaging his long locks; the style reminiscent of many 80’s rock bands. The appropriate amount of leather was present to equal part shot glasses. Lastly the lead singer takes to the stage and after a Travoltaesque comb of the hair, they begin. The neck vein of lead singer Angus McNeilly was pulsing as he belted out lyrics to ‘baby when you scream my name’. Every part of the performance was hard hitting, nothing was held back from the attentive listener. Many bands put emphasis on the lead singer but there was equality in the music making as guitarist Christo Paulson and drummer Tommy Grier stepped up with dynamite solos. Showmanship is definitely alive in this band. The Upstairs Cabaret in Victoria’s downtown core was a great venue for these guys. If you love seeing bands at small venues with room to breathe you better see these guys soon. Hard work and talent has earned the band a professional video through the Pepsi Youth Music Movement. Next, the band is to record a full album in LA with a major label. Congrats guys! [flashvideo file=videos/ image=/videos/broadway_bullies.png /] Click on the video above to watch the Broadway Bullies perform in Victoria.

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