DEDFest arrives in Victoria, ZombieFeast Rebrands

by Ed Sum No matter how hard the heroes in a horror flick try to knock down a zombie, they just keep on coming back. That also includes some real life counterparts, namely the arrival of DEDFest, a horror film festival that will take place on the evenings of October 28 and 29th at the old Vic Theatre. As part of the local tradition, the ZombieFeast film competition will be part of the night’s activities. “This venue has a great vibe inside thanks to the people working with the Victoria Film Festival to restore it,“ revealed Ira Hunter, event organizer and editor-in-chief of Absolute Underground Magazine. This event has been nibbling at the toes of horror enthusiasts since its inception during 2009’s Victoria Comic Book Convention. It started small and this year, it promises to make one huge chomp. “The idea is to get the years behind you,” said Hunter, “Interest will build and eventually, people will catch-on.” Or latch-on like what most severed zombie limbs; Hunter reveals that by joining forces with DEDfest, both his idea and the monster show will only grow. The larger event will feature cutting edge alternative cinema terrors like Bangkok Knockout, by the producers of Ong Bak, Burke and Hare, a film by John Landis of Blues Brothers fame, and Troll Hunter, a Norwegian that’s getting high praises from many critics. These films are high on the list of what may be screened during the two nights. But there will be more to the terror than just movies. There is going to be a costume contest and short film competition as well. Prizes will be awarded and entries will be accepted up to the last day, prior to the festival, at Absolute Underground’s storefront on 1215 Government Street. For the other organizers involved, their mutual love for the horror genre is what keeps Zombiefeast alive every year. Not even the original ZombieFeast vision can die young since it’ll feature the works of local filmmakers. “I think what the interest for these films comes down to is that audiences want a thrill,” says Michael Allen, webmaster for 28 Days Later Analysis, an independent horror news and reviews website. He believes that audiences want that adrenalin rush that comes with watching a horror film on the big screen. They don’t have to necessarily be about the big five: the werewolf, the ghost, the slasher-killer, the zombie and the vampire. “As for who will win out, is this a setup for the film Monster Brawl from DEDfest?” teased Allen. Each organizer has their bets placed on the zombie. But to see whom the clear winner is, only coming to this event can reveal all, blood and guts included. For schedule information, please visit: Vic Theatre 808 Douglas St Friday Oct 28th & Saturday Oct 29th, 7pm - 11pm Advance Tickets $10 a night or $12 at the Door Tickets available at the Absolute Underground Store (1215 Government St)

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