Rifflandia: NikTex

[flashvideo file=videos/niktexinterview.mov image=videos/niktex.JPG /] Click on the video to watch an interview with NikTex. [flashvideo file=videos/niktexperformance.mov image=videos/niktex.JPG /] Click on the video above to watch NikTex perform at Rifflandia.

Nik Tex

Videography, Video Editing and Article by Christa Simonds On-camera Reporting by Shanon Miegom NikTex is sexiness with barefoot appeal. Explain. The sound of lead singer Nikole Texidor is raw and sultry while the accompaniment of Colin Nealis (stand-up bass), Jake Jenne (drums), Kate Hutching (back vocals) and fellow NikTex founder Manjinder Benning (guitar) adds a spontaneity which is both refreshing and primitive. The band has a very rich and textured sound, compliments of the many instrumental proclivities of Manjinder Benning which includes tabla, dilruba, beat boxing, guitar, electronic production and a smattering of Kitchen utensils. NikTex has a sound that would be appreciated internationally, but passions of the band members keep them island bound for the school year and touring British Columbia’s festival scene throughout the summer. The band can often be sampled at Soltice Café or at the Metro Theatre, find out when to catch them on their website at www.niktexmusic.com

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