Rifflandia: Malajube

[flashvideo file=videos/MalajubeInterview.mov image=videos/malajube1.png /] Click on the video above to watch an interview with Malajube. [flashvideo file=videos/MalajubePerformance.mov image=videos/malajube2.png /] Click on the video above to watch Malajube perform at Rifflandia.


Videography, Video Editing and Article by Christa Simonds On-camera Reporting by Shanon Miegom Malajube is a French speaking group comprised of Julien Mineau on guitar and lead vocals, Francis Mineau on drums, Mathieu Cournoyer on bass, and Thomas Augustin on keyboards and vocals. The band has garnered a large following among both Francophone and Anglophone audiences. The band says that French is the way to be different; to create something that has never been done. The band has chosen to stay with their indie-label Dare to Care Records, even though they have been approached by larger outfits. Malajube has made many smart decisions that have kept the band close, which have endeared them to fans that come to hear their pop like sound infused with strong keyboards and ambient guitar riffs. The band is currently touring Canada and the United States featuring their new album La Caverne which depicts the battle between prehistoric man and futuristic man. The band’s performances, like its album, are fun and energetic. It’s impossible not to sing or hum along to whether you speak French or not. Band website

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