Rifflandia: The Besnard Lakes

[flashvideo file=videos/BesnardInterview.mov image=videos/BL3.JPG /] Click on the video above to watch an interview with The Besnard Lakes [flashvideo file=videos/BesnardPerformance.mov image=videos/BL2.JPG /] Click on the video above to watch a live performance with The Besnard Lakes at Rifflandia.

The Besnard Lakes

Videography, Video Editing and Article by Christa Simonds On-camera Reporting by Shanon Miegom The Besnard Lakes classify their music as Psychedelic Rock. Founding member Jace Lasek definitely looked the rocker part, as we interviewed him in a brightly lit hallway at the Metro before their performance. The Besnard Lakes have been a band since 2000. Their songs range from guitar led jams like the early Soundgarden years, to sixty’s pop tunes infused with the psychedelic lilt of Jefferson Airplane. What gives the band an added oomph, is the anthemic melodies delivered by Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas. Listening to Albatross for the first time gave me goosebumps as the band seems to simultaneously channel the harmony of the Beach Boys, and the haunting arrangements of Radiohead. Band Website

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