Rifflandia: USS

[flashvideo file=videos/USS_Interview_Rifflandia2011.mov image=videos/USS1.JPG /] Click on the video above to watch an interview with members of USS. [flashvideo file=videos/USS_Performance_Rifflandia2011.mov image=videos/USS2.JPG /] Click on the video about to watch a performance from USS's show at Rifflandia.

Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers

Videography, Video Editing and Article by Christa Simonds On-camera Reporting by Shanon Miegom The energy emanating from a USS show is a tangible experience everyone should have. Performing paradox, Ash Boo-Schultz is both serious and humorous. He invites listeners to join them as Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers. Heavy electronic beats and experimental sounds mixed and delivered by Human Kebab on the turntable paired with the acoustic guitar and vocals of Boo-Schultz made for a sound that had the audience at Rifflandia swaying and break-dancing. The lyrics show the cerebral side of Ash Boo-Schultz, who switched from philosophical musings to movie quotes quicker than the rain came and went that Sunday afternoon. As I listened, I found myself picturing the philosophical works of Voltaire sharing space with ‘How to Shit in the Woods’ in his bookshelf. I for one will keep following this duo through their musical careers. Their smart lyrics have a full sound that you can dance to, but when all is stripped away ‘is a song you can sing around the campfire.’ Band Website

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